Author Unknown

PBDC (Patricia Bostick Dance Center) is not just about dancing. Yes, your child will learn tap, jazz, modern, ballet, hip hop, and the list goes on. The real reward is watching your child grow with confidence, grace, and poise. Your child will learn to work as a team, to accept responsibility, to help others, as well as many other life lessons.
As the mother of a PBDC student who is starting her 15th year of dancing with Miss Pattie and her mother, Miss Pat, I have watched my daughter grow not only as a dancer, but as an individual. Yes, sometimes over the years it has been difficult to get to practice, keep the schedule clear for important dates, buy yet another dance costume, BUT the rewards are immense as well as gratifying. The instructors learn the strengths and weaknesses of each individual dancer. For example, my daughter has knee problems and Pattie is always accommodating of her needs in the choreography.
My dancer has created her own family through dancing at PBDC which includes friends, from all over the Lehigh Valley and teachers who are talented, motivated, and knowledgeable. She has met mentors who have guided and assisted her along her journey from preschool to senior year of high school.
I am thankful PBDC was there to help our daughter express herself.