The Patricia Bostick Dance Center was not just a dance school for me, it was a family.  For twelve years of my life it was my second home.  I was there five days a week taking as many classes as I could.  The atmosphere was so loving and everyone truly cared about you.  I was more upset the night of my final dance recital then I was on my High School graduation night.  When I first started dancing I was not sure if it was something that I should keep pursuing.  As I got a bit older, Miss Pat and Miss Pattie and all my other wonderful teachers would express to me that I had a true talent.
Dancing was no longer just my hobby or my after school activity, it was my passion.  I grew up watching the passion in the eyes of Miss Pat, and the joy it brought to Miss Pattie’s face.  I would love to listen to the stories they would tell about their many performances on cruise ships, and in big shows.  I knew that is what I wanted to do some day.  When it came time to thinking about my future,  I knew that dance would need to be involved in some way.  Dancing had become such a huge part of my life and something that made me extremely happy.  I decided to major in dance when going to college.  Now as I enter my senior year of college I hope to graduate and go on to perform, and create my own stories like Miss Pat and Miss Pattie told me.
I hope to open my own studio some day and inspire young girls and boys and share with them something I love; hoping that they may love it too.  When asked who has inspired you most in life, my answer is always Miss Pattie.  Without the studio, the classes, the support she gave me, her excitement for teaching, her joy of dancing, and the love she shared with me; I would not be where I am today.
The Patricia Bostick Dance Center is a wonderful place for girls and boys to make new friends and experience the joy of dancing.