Abby B

Performing During ShowI would like to thank Miss Pat and Miss Pattie for many many wonderful years of dancing. I started will Miss Pat as a four year old and danced through my high school graduation. I loved every minute of it. I remember trying to get my homework finished quickly because I couldn’t wait to get to dance class. Miss Pat was not only our dance teacher, but like a second mother to us. She taught us far more than dancing. She taught us to always try your best, to be a good friend, and to work hard to accomplish your goals; all while having a great time. I have so many fond memories and pictures of countless dance recitals. We were always so excited to get out on stage and dance our hearts out. My two sisters also danced with Miss Pat and loved it as much as I did.
As time went on and I had a daughter of my own, I was so happy when my daughter showed an interest in dance lessons. We live about 25 minutes away from Miss Pat’s studio, but it was an easy decision of where to take my daughter for lessons. I knew I wanted her to love dance as I did and get wonderful instruction without all the stress I am seeing her friends go through at other studios. Miss Pattie has seamlessly carried on her mother’s tradition. My daughter is currently starting her 8th year with Miss Pattie and has enjoyed wonderful dance instruction in a low pressure environment. Miss Pattie and her staff offer the perfect combination for the success of girls of all ages.
All of our love!—Abby B